Dedicated Anesthesiology Service Provider Partnerships

Anesthesia Associates of Lancaster is proud to have established dedicated provider relationships with the leading healthcare facilities in our region. These partnerships include providing exclusive anesthesiology services for:

Our long-term relationships are the result of the quality service we provide to patients and the trust we have established throughout the years. This commitment to ensure that every patient has the very best in anesthesiology services continues as these facilities grow and expand their services. Working hand-in-hand with our CRNAs we are committed to providing an exceptional health care resource and experience for our community.

A Focus on Excellence in All that We Do

Our mission and vision guides us and reflects the professionalism and high quality care we strive to provide to our partners, our patients and our community. In this we utilize a Care Team Model (Physician and CRNA) to administer anesthesia with comfort, safety and compassion.

Anesthesia Associates of Lancaster believes that anesthesia results are noticeably improved when your care is provided using a team of highly trained, highly competent professionals with different skills. The Care Team Model is a way to deliver cost-efficient and effective anesthesia care with improved clinical outcomes.

Our Care Team Model includes anesthesiologists and CRNAs who work together to deliver high-quality care to every patient, every time. Our CRNAs are licensed, registered, advanced practice nurses who have completed a post-graduate degree focusing on the practice of anesthesia. AAL employed CRNAs provide anesthesia services to patients at both OSS Health and Physicians Surgery Center-Lancaster General. Penn Medicine employed CRNAs are part of our Care Team at the Lancaster General locations.

An anesthesiologist will always interview you prior to your anesthetic and will be actively involved in your care. The interview will include your medical history, any problems you may have had during surgery or anesthesia in the past, and a discussion of the anesthetic plan for your planned procedure. You may also be interviewed by a CRNA. We take a collaborative approach to your anesthetic. Your individual anesthetic plan may be based on a number of factors such as recommendations from your surgeon, the scheduled procedure, your health history and personal preferences. The attending anesthesiologist will finalize and direct your anesthetic. The CRNA is responsible for administering your anesthesia and to manage your vital life functions which include: breathing, heart rhythm and blood pressure during the surgical procedure. At all times during your anesthetic, a member of our care team will be at your bedside.

Our Vision is to:

  • be the trusted choice for the delivery of safe, high quality and innovative anesthesia.
  • always maintain our integrity with our patients and co-workers through honesty and objectivity.
  • be an indispensable and valued partner in all of our relationships whether it is professional, patient or business related.
  • be proactive in understanding and responding to changes in the health care environment.
  • preserve and enhance the role of the anesthesiologist in the delivery of patient care.
  • be the employer of choice by providing opportunities for meaningful work and professional development.

Our record of service over the years has been driven by our leadership, our vision and by our professional staff who are committed to making anesthesiology for our patients an exceptional experience.

We Look Forward to Assisting You

If you have questions or require additional information please call us at 717-394-9821.