Our Anesthesiologists & CRNAs

Our extensive professional physician staff is comprised of Board Certified Anesthesiologists, each one a skilled, experienced and compassionate practitioner in the field of Anesthesiology with a focus on providing each patient with the comfort they need with safety and compassion.

Our Anesthesiologists

James D. Artuso, MD Salvatore J. Astarita, MD
Christian J. Barotti, MD Michael E. Bell, DO
Brandon J. Bortz, MD Douglas W. Bower, MD
Daniel J. Chess, MD Craig K. Depoe, MD
Kirk R. Dise, MD Christopher S. Elser, MD
Joseph M. Gibson, MD Fernando A. Gutierrez, MD
Paul S. Hester, MD Brandon E. Johnson, MD
David E. Jones, MD Sam W. Keller, MD
Ansar Khan, MD James J. Lamberg, DO
Charles J. Lancelotta, MD Robert J. Lucking, MD
Andrew A. Makrides, MD Mary Jayne McIlwain, MD
Margaret A. Motl, MD Stephen F. Nichols, MD
Lauren M. Parker, MD Christopher J. Peterson, MD
David A. Roberts, DO Nicholas L. Rockwell, MD
Valerie A. Salmons, MD Beverly B. Schantz, DO
Sean J. Sharkey, Jr, MD Weston P. Shertzer, DO
Kevin F. Slenker, MD Mark W. Stull, MD
Michael H. Wills, MD  


CRNAs only practice at OSS and PSC