Patients and Families

Keeping patients, and their families, well informed

The physicians and CRNAs at Anesthesia Associates of Lancaster want to make sure that their patients and families are well informed about the anesthesia care they, or their loved one, will receive from us.

Making Your Surgical Experience Exceptional

Our patients, and their families, are important to us. Our role is to take the trust they have placed in us and administer anesthesia in a manner that provides comfort with safety and compassion.

The role of our patients and their families is to make sure they fully understand the anesthesia process and how they can help ensure that the surgical experience results in a successful outcome. From understanding the types of anesthesia that are available and how they are used, to gathering patient information or how to pay your bill, we are eager to keep you informed.

Our efforts to make sure the role patients and their families play in the quality care we provide include:

  • Education to Promote Understanding, Awareness and Successful Outcomes. We take the time to inform and educate both patient and their family members about a diagnosis, the types of anesthesia we can administer and other related information. Besides a consultation with their primary care physician, surgeon and ourselves, we are always available to answer questions and to address concerns. Learn more
  • Information to Help Assure Quality Care. Our routine interaction with all of our patients includes making sure that they receive detailed instructions about the medications they will receive and what they must do to assure a successful and exceptional experience. Learn more
  • Making Sure We Have Important and Correct Information. An important aspect of receiving our care is making sure we have important patient information to help us provide the best service possible. Information regarding your medical history provides us with valuable information to confirm the care we will provide. Learn more
  • Insurance and Billing. By providing us with the appropriate insurance information, we can expedite the process to save you time and potential complications. Learn more

We Look Forward to Assisting You

If you have questions or require additional information please call us at 717-394-9821.