Providing comfort with safety during your delivery

Obstetric anesthesia services from Anesthesia Associates of Lancaster provide expectant mothers with a variety of options for pain management to help assure that deliveries are both comfortable and safe for mother and baby.

Highly Regarded Obstetric Anesthesia Providers

As the anesthesia provider of choice for Lancaster General's Women and Babies Hospital, our anesthesiologists deliver personalized, compassionate and state-of-the-art care to expectant mothers throughout our region.

Our role as childbirth anesthesiologists is to help provide pain relief for women:

  • who have requested it for their childbirth experience
  • where a Cesarean Section is required or where natural methods such as relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and less complex medications such as Demerol are not beneficial.

Understanding Your Needs While Ensuring Your Comfort

Pain relief is an important and very personal decision. Our anesthesiologists' responsibility is to make sure our patients have the information and education to help make a decision that is right for both mother and baby.

Working with you and your obstetrician, we will identify a variety of pain relief options that will make your labor and delivery as comfortable and safe as possible. Knowing what type of pain management will be right for you is an important part of the process. To this end, we are committed to meeting your needs with skill and compassion.

An important element of having us provide anesthesia for your childbirth is that we are on-site at the hospital 24 hours a day so that when your special time comes, we will be there without delay.

Pain Relief Options

Depending on the type of pain relief you elect to receive, we speak with our patients prior to their delivery to address any questions or misconceptions they may have. This is especially true where epidural pain relief is concerned.

An epidural is the chosen pain relief of 40% of the women in this country and, as such, is the one most commonly performed by us. We will ask about any medications you are taking and if you have any allergies. It's all part of effort to make sure that we deliver the safest care possible, especially if an emergency Cesarean Section is required. While epidurals are a very effective pain relief approach, it is not right for everyone.

Pain relief options that we provide include:

  • Epidural. Allows a local anesthetic to be injected between the bones of the lower back causing numbness over the lower abdomen and legs and providing intense pain relief. Further medication is provided by a constant infusion pump, so that pain relief may continue until delivery.
  • Regional anesthesia. Allows the patient to be awake and comfortable for the birth of the baby. If a labor epidural is already in place, further medication is injected through it to make the mother intensely numb.
  • Spinal anesthetic. Similar to an epidural, this is usually reserved for Cesarean Sections. A small amount of local anesthetic into the spinal fluid, below where the spinal cord ends providing intense numbness required for the procedure much more quickly and reliably than an epidural, and using much less medication.

We Look Forward to Assisting You

If you have questions or require additional information please call us at 717-394-9821.